Goodbye RealFast … Hello ZipForms!

One final check … everyone is using and loving ZipForms now right???!  I know you are busy and this is “one more thing” to learn, but you will love ZipForms!  Promise. You ALL have access to ZipForms.  This web-based form program will work with every browser except Google Chrome right now and has a mobile app that you can purchase […]

ZipForms Insider Knowledge

Getting sick of me talking about ZipForms yet???!!! I didn’t think so … here is another Friday Video Release focusing on our new PAR forms program. In this video, I discuss the forms cover sheet, clauses, the mobile version of ZipForms and electronic signing. Happy Friday! Have a GREAT weekend TechDaze LLC 2011

Using Realtor.com Enhancements

In this video, I review how to use the Realtor.com Enhancements that you can use on your listings for FREE (at CBH of course). We cover getting in and getting around, tweaking your profile, using enhancements and sharing reports. Enjoy! Happy Friday TechDaze LLC 2011

Getting Started with LeadRouter

Coldwell Banker Hearthside, REALTORS uses LeadRouter to route leads from various sites to YOU our agents. Statistics show that consumers are more than likely to work with the first agent that gets back to them – and we want that agent to be our agent! The LeadRouter system is not difficult to learn, but it […]

Your CBH Website

In this Friday”s Video Release … I will cover your FREE agent websites! We will look at the elements of your site and I will show you how to edit and manage your site casino online going forward. Happy Friday! TechDaze LLC 2011